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Based on oxo-luminescence technology, the NomaSense O2 P6000 allows for an easy, non-invasive accurate measurement of oxygen in wine. Working with PSt3 and PSt sensors, NomaSense O2 P6000 is specifically well-adapted for oxygen measurement in the wine industry and is able to measure oxygen concentration as low as 1 microgram per liter. With its built-in Total Package Oxygen (TPO) calculator, this analyzer allows wineries to get an easy, accurate check of both dissolved oxygen and headspace oxygen in bottles or Bag-in-Box, permitting an assessment of their bottling line performances at the line. Its measuring capabilities also match analytical and research laboratories requirements in terms of trace analysis for measuring permeabilities of different package types, especially wine closures or monitoring very low dissolved oxygen concentrations during ageing steps.

The technology was validated through a scientific collaboration with world renowned institutes. The most influential wine research centers are now using this technology in their programs to better understand oxygen’s influence on wine development.


The NomaSense O2 P6000 is accurate, easy-to-use and matches quality control requirements. Each device is equipped with a temperature probe and a barometer to compensate for temperature and pressure influence. Its user-friendly software interface and data logging system is intuitive and easy to train with winery staff. The calibration management is particularly simple thanks to the use of a QR code reader, which can recognize each sensor and store up to 100 calibrations.

Well-suited for bottling line performance assessment, the NomaSense O2 P6000 can also be used to measure oxygen at each step of the winemaking process. Everywhere winemakers want to control oxygen intake, this device can provide an immediate answer. Its flexibility coupled with its light-weight and ease-of-use makes it an important item in the winemaker toolbox. Because it allows for trace analysis, NomaSense O2 P6000 is particularly well-suited for experimental and research work.

The newest software evolution comprises of two built-in applications broadening the spectrum of applications of the NomaSense oxygen analyzers:

  • The first application allows for the measurement of oxygen in high-sugar content solutions like grape musts. Our team developed a specific algorithm based on published data from scientific literature to compensate for the influence of high-sugar content on the reading.
  • The second one is an application targeted at measuring oxygen in high-alcohol beverages like spirits. Our team carried out specific experiments to be in a position to create another algorithm to compensate for the influence of the high alcohol content on the reading.


  • Identifies critical oxygen pick-up and sets up the right oxygen management strategy at the right cost while being able to regularly control the performance of the procedures put in place.
  • Perfect tool to assess the bottling line performance and establish the right procedures to achieve the lowest TPO.
  • Extends the shelf-life of products and ensures better closure performance and successful low-SO2 wine strategies.
  • Well-adapted for package permeability assessment, helping wineries select the best equipment or packaging.


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